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Our Friends & Vendors

Our Friends

Grand Leisure

Authentic Chinese Cuisine. The best Chinese Restaurant and KTV in Hamilton Ontario. KTV Happy Hours $35 for 3 hours with free drinks and snacks.

 Grand Leisure Restaurant, Karaoke & Bar

 16 Jarvis Street,
 Hamilton, Ontario

 (905) 522-9888





Our Beer Partners

Furnace Room Brewery

We serve on tap:

  • Beardmore (Kolsh)
  • Chicken Man (Pale Ale)
  • Wright House (Red Ale)

Furnace Room Webpage

Furnace Image



We serve on tap:

  • Hi-grade (IPA)
  • Dream Pop (Sour IPA)

Fairweather Webpage



We serve on tap:

  • Pilsner
  • Session Lager

SteamWhistle Webpage


Moosehead w/ HopCity

We serve on tap:

  • HopBot (Strong IPA)
  • Barking Squirrel (Amber Lager)

Hop City Webpage





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